Website Security

Website Security

Meet Matt and Mitch. Both Are Website Owners
Matt and Mitch have launched their websites and are very excited to have browsers but hidden among these browsers, is a hacker named Tom who cleverly disguises himself to find a way to break in both websites.

Tom places a malware on Matt’s site and his customers begin to see offensive messages. They become disgusted and eventually leave in anger, swearing never to return. Unsuspecting to regular browsers, Matt’s site redirects them to another site where they are asked to submit their personal banking information.

By the time Matt notices something is wrong, he loses his credibility and customers are using social media to report his site. This damaging effect on Matt’s business might take a long time to recover.

Mitch Uses Sucuri

Tom the hacker, also places malware on Mitch’s website. But Mitch’s website security scans his site daily, discovers Tom’s malware and notifies Mitch where the infected area is located and the exact time it happened. Mitch’s Express Plan uprooted the malware automatically and he does not have to worry about his site worry Thanks to “Sucuri” Mitch can now focus on his business instead of worrying about malicious viruses.

Mitch’s customers continue to enjoy the safe and friendly online environment while Sucuri guards and protect his online investment by scanning his website daily. Unlike Matt, Mitch’s reputation continues to soar as business flourishes, traffic grows and visitors confidence heighten. Thanks to website security!
Sucuri protects your web investment, keeping you and your customers safe from hackers and other online threats.

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